About me

Angus Forbes was born in Kenya and grew up in the highlands of Scotland. After an arts foundation at the Middlesex School of Art and Design in London he graduated with BA(Hons) Three-Dimensional Design (Industrial Design) at the University of Plymouth followed by a masters degree in landscape architecture at Napier University in Edinburgh.

His move to Berlin in 1998 was motivated by the freedom he found there for innovative landscape architecture and design. After beginning in the Historic Parks and Gardens Authority in Berlin he moved into the tourism sector designing the grounds for numerous Travel Charme Hotels along the Baltic Coast.

He went on to design over twenty school playgrounds and Kindergartens in and around Berlin. In 2009 his park in Bad Wilsnack was awarded the German Playground Prize.

Since 2010 he has specialised in heritage interpretation, improving visitor experience in natural and cultural heritage sites and on identity-building projects for local authorities. He has been a member of Interpret Europe since 2014 and leads the working group for architecture .

Angus’s scope ranges from internet applications through art-based installations, outdoor furniture and “landmarks” to entire landscapes complete with technical infrastructure and planting schemes. He works closely with environmental planners, construction engineers, environmental education experts as well as internet and media designers on a project by project basis.

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