Havel Stories

Havel Stories

The river as story-teller is the subject of our garden at the Bundesgartenschau Havelregion 2015 under the theme of “source”. The idea is based on River Notes by the American nature writer Barry Lopez. In his book, normal flotsam and jetsam in a river bear witness to highly charged events in the lives of people and animals along its banks. The theme garden on the Packhofgelände in Brandenburg town consists of an accessible sculpture made of willow rods woven into an abstraction of a river bend.

Snared in the walls is authentic flotsam from the banks of the river Havel: traffic cones, a crash helmet, a shopping trolley, sticks from a swan’s nest, a rope swing. Each is evidence of an event up-river; each can tell us something about life and death in the river’s catchment area. The willow-bend is embedded in geological and botanical material from the region such as gravels, meadowsweet, stonecrop, reeds and blackberry.

In assoc. with Büro Dr. Szamatolski GbR

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