Moor garden


The third section of the New Spa Park in Bad Wilsnack is for relaxing after working out. In our search for a landscape theme we discovered that the ancient, pre-agricultural landscape here was one of sunken moors and flood meadows. Indeed, remnants of these were still to be found beneath the layer of cultivated soil (see Visitor Portal Bad Wilsnack). As an experiment in restoring a lost landscape, we created a number of pools of varying size, depth and fresh water replenishment. Although appropriate plants were introduced to each, space was left under a maintenance plan for pioneer plants to colonize, with the intention of monitoring over the following years which species felt most “at home” here.

These could then make up a signature ‘planting palette’ for communal schemes around Bad Wilsnack. Because of its situation just outside of the Elbe landscape preservation areas, our ‘new natuI re’ could be freely accessed and built in. We could lace the site with paths taking visitors from pool to pool and introducing them close-up to different aspects of moors without worrying about any stringent nature preservation regulations. To increase the year-round recreational value of the park, we replaced the traditional bench with ‘active relaxation stations’ offering visitors pleasant sensations and unaccustomed perspectives on the landscape around them.

In assoc. with S+P Landschaftsarchitekten

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