Fun Fountain „Baltic Sea“

Fun Fountain „Baltic Sea“

Some phenomena are so unobtrusive that they need to be dramatized to be noticed at all. An interesting feature of the town park in Fürstenwalde is a low chain of moraine deposits, consisting of stones which travelled to Fürstenwalde all the way from the Baltic Sea and beyond in the last ice age. As part of a broader commission to modernise the park, we redesigned the fountain to celebrate the journey of those little stones. The fountain expresses a regular rush of water, sending shallow wavelets outwards in all directions. Rolled into the sand-coloured concrete of the basin are shoals of multicoloured pebbles and interesting stones from the far North.

Take off your shoes, roll up your trouser legs, wade into the water and shut your eyes. You could almost be standing at the Baltic Sea. The fountain was made to be accessible for children and people in wheelchairs. While suppressing the growth of algae, the water had to remain safe for children to play in, particularly through the hot summer months.

In assoc. with S+P Landschaftsarchitekten and KFS-Springbrunnentechnik Anlagenbau GmbH

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